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recording, mixing, commercial advertising, song arrangement, promotional video

professional quality audio tracks in any requested format, competitive radio adds, backing tracks, video clips    

we offer the highest rate between quality and price; acoustic environment, which was professionally designed particular for this place

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GussySound is a compact studio located in Bedford Park, Adelaide. The space for recording and mixing is small, but it is really well designed. Because of this advanced and smart acoustic design both mixing and recording lead to great sound. 

Now, with the help of sound digital technologies you can make a hit in you own bedroom, although without proper acoustics the recordings will be far below professional standards. However, if you are a talented enough songwriter and can perform your own songs, you don't even need a recording – just go on the street and sing. People love to listen to a good song, regardless of how expert the sound is. Nevertheless, if you want to promote it on a radio station, on the Internet, on TV – you need a recording. And you need a professional recording, which satisfies all the technical standards.

At GussySound you will get the professional recording - Recording, Mixing, Songs Arrangement, Post Production, Mobile Recording and all the range of services, which a professional studio can provide. Great acoustic environment, modern equipment, huge sound libraries and a qualified and creative sound engineer – this is what GussySound is. In addition we have a lovely coffee/tea room and garden for rest and inspiration.


Please, check the Services and Equipment pages for more information on GussySound services and facilities. If you have any questions or enquiries please, call or e-mail me.  I am flexible, enthusiastic and love my job and my studio.

Sincerely yours

Anna Kotousov