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recording, mixing, commercial advertising, song arrangement, promotional video

professional quality audio tracks in any requested format, competitive radio adds, backing tracks, video clips    

we offer the highest rate between quality and price; acoustic environment, which was professionally designed particular for this place

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Musical instruments and voice
over recordings

GussySound was purposely designed to record a wide range of musical instruments, has a nice and
"truly” sounding mixing area with a smooth and even reverberation time on the
whole frequency spectrum. In addition to the quality and professional
equipment it makes GussySound great not only for recording of musical
instruments, but also for any kind of voice
– Film and TV post productions, radio commercials, narrations, tutorials,
audio files for phone messages and the whole range of applications where you
need to record a voice talent.

Song arrangement, music creation, commercial advertising

The other focus is song arrangement
and music creation. A professional screen music composer and song writer,with
more than 15 years of experience in this area, will help your brilliant song
or just musical idea and lyrics to get to a full arranged and recorded
song. At the same time we also 
specialize in making background music for
webs, games; SFX for any application, radio commercials and any other
applications which request any kind of music and sound.



Mobile recording

Also, we do mobile recordings.
RME UFX – a great piece of equipment, was developed and designed to record any
performance at any place. Up to 30 input channels, top quality AD/DA converters
give a lot of flexibility and possibilities to record a rock or jazz band as
well as a classical ensemble. As a bonus we offer simple video recording,
during your performance. We can edit it for you with your audio tracks or you can just get the raw files – it’s up to you. We record not only your performance,
but your jam, rehearsal or party.


As was mentioned above,
GussySound acoustic design provides a great environment for mixing. You can
record your tracks here or bring your own pre-recorded tracks – they will be
mixed with the ProTools HD 10 host, with all the features of presented plugins and


Do you have an old or just
badly recorded track? If you have it in an audio file of any format at
GussySound we can clean it up, enhance where possible and make it more
intelligible and nice sounding.

We deliver your project in 

any audio format, recorded, edited and mixed or just raw and untouched. Please, 

e-mail for any enquiries, have a listen to the samples and check our equipment, 

 prices and packages.